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David Coulter
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I’m hitting them face on and they are just stacked in the box, without any extra crumpling. I have not had a head bend at all. I’ve been shooting Tuffheads with an FOC of about 28% and they handle it quite well. The arrow stays pretty straight and they do penetrate 2 1/2 to about 4 inches, so that seems scrubs off the impact. I wondered how it would work in the beginning, but it’s holding up fine. I also tried a simple bale of newspaper and that was alright, but quickly made a mess of paper bits. The box with the magazines stays clean with a new strip of duct tape added now and then to close a hole. The box is only 13 x 15 x 6, so it’s easy to handle. I’m only shooting this this from about 15 yards or so, so I don’t need it to be too big. I might tape a handle of sorts to the top to help carry it. That would be part of the boxes two year plan… dwc