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Ed Ashby
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For years I used heavy, “over built’ strings. I used them mainly because I was usually hunting in remote areas, for extended periods of time, and wanted a string that was still usable should a strand or two get clipped. That was so I didn’t have to carry an excessive number of spare strings to cover those ‘just in case’ situations. And, yes, those ‘overbuilt’, endless loop strings would hold without slipping after a few strands were cut, even on my heaviest bows. That I tested thoroughly prior to trusting the concept. Those strings were 18 to 22 strands, depending on the bow.

I’m now using skinnier strings, with the strand count dependent on the bow poundage and particular string material used. I’m still experimenting and have not settled on a ‘best material’ or best strand count yet. Most of the strings are running 8 to 12 strands. I’ve experimented down to four strands, but remember that none of my bows are below 70#. One thing I found is that the extremely thin strings, the 4 and 6 count, are too just too hard on my fingers, even when double-served. I think they would be okay on a lighter draw bow, but not at heavy poundage!