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David Petersen
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Doc, your thread title is a bit misleading insofar as a change in brace height due to string stretch will of course affect arrow flight … but EFOC or lack thereof has no bearing on it. Does your friend think that arrows with low FOC would not be affected by string stretch and consequent relocation of nocking point and arrow angle on the shelf? I see no EFOC cause-effect relation, as friend is attempting to imply. All critics of EFOC, at least in my experience, lack extensive experience and a real working familiarity with EFOC. In general, I agree with others that EFOC, or even degrees of increased FOC, deliver superior arrow flight under all circumstances. Any negatives such as increased trajectory don’t much seem to come into play at ethical trad shot distances. Does your friend shoot trad or wheels? In any event, never leave a strung bow in a car under any conditions. :P:D