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Chris Shelton
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Crossbows really irretate me! And the “type” of hunter that generally uses them also bothers me. Now if you are medically unable to use a regular bow, my mean words definatly do not go to you. However the regular person with no physical limitations is whom I am refering to. It just seems that they want things easy? So I know that this particular profile of person will never experience a hunt like we will. So for that I am sorry for them! If they are using crossbows because they are concerned about accuracy then they have no business in the woods during archery season where the most proficient woodsman gather during the early part of the season. I personally do not like crossbows because of the ammunition they launch. They are alot lighter, and we all know about arrow weight compared to penetration, of course they have brass usually and what not, but still. I will probably fight the use of crossbows in the hands of a able bodied individual during my sacred season till the death:twisted: