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The archery seasons were fought and agitated for by a previous generation’s proponents of archery in order to get longer seasons and to hunt in a more primitive fashion. This concept obviously included the most important aspect of archery hunting… How you went about your hunt. It was not that you had every advantage at your disposal in order to get a kill should you encounter an animal. It was all about the experience. Success for many who like to archery hunt is a proving grounds and a way to test or measure their skills all the way around. Not just flinging bullets or crossbow bolts from 100,200,500 yards. It was getting in close with the game animals and learning enough about them to get in close regularly and make a harvest.

Nowadays we have permitted the advancement of technology into the sport with compounds. Then people want to eschew primitive seasons because we already have these compounds which are more complex to design than many rifles. The argument is very simple but effective. A crossbow is a primitive weapon. Well that’s right it is. The crossbow does not possess any connection with the original spirit of the primitive seasons and those who seek to enjoy their archery hunt the old fashioned way… Getting satisfaction from hunting in the outdoors by way of a raw experience with simple yet effective tools.