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David Petersen
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Bravo Barn Owl — are you perhaps a college English professor? That’s sure creatively well-writ! and Cottonwood, and all us others who don’t mind that other persuasions “get their fair share” so long as they don’t get theirs and a piece of ours too! It’s not about “a guy should be able to hunt with his weapon of choice.” It’s about protecting our nominally “primitive weapons” archery seasons (so called here in CO at least) from constant, well-funded pressure to open it up to … well, just about everything! Our shrinking hunting areas already are FAR too crowded (unless you have access to lots of private land). We don’t need more hunters at the cost of pretend-archery weapons that dumb everything down and attract the lowest denominator of “sportsmen.” We need more Real Hunters who want a personal challenge, not a store-bought easy way out. Forgive my echo sound, but “Crossguns and (what do we call them now since so many don’t load from the muzzle and don’t use black powder?) fake “primitive” rifles belong in rifle season. Not in archery season! Not in elk rut! As Don Thomas has so wisely said, “To hell with the ‘Big Tent’ theory!” dave