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Don Thomas
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The key to successful spot-and-stalk bear hunting is simply figuring out what the bears are eating. They are the ultimate omnivores, and will travel great distances to concentrate on the preferred food sources at any given time. Of course those very from place to place as well as from time to time. In coastal Alaska in the spring, for example, its forbs and crustaceans on the tide flats, followed by a move to the salmon streams when the fish enter the river, then another move to the berry patches as they ripen. And you can refine the search even further… When they are on the streams, they prefer red salmon to other species, and big boars tend to fish the smaller headwaters while sows concentrate in the open areas downstream. You’ll just have to answer these questions for yourself in your area… but when you find the food source, you’ll have found the bears. And as Dave points out, the food doesn’t have to be in a bucket. Don