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Bruce Smithhammer
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It’s an interesting question, but ultimately, I think that history is dynamic and fluid, and not locked into any one era. I have a great deal of respect for those guys from the “Golden Age,” but the history of archery obviously stretches much farther back than that, and has many other facets and cultures and richness tied to it, yet how many of the individual predecessors to people like St. Charles do we remember?

It’s the rare individual who is still revered by the subsequent generation – even more rare if he/she is still remembered several generations hence. That could be a whole other essay, but for better or worse, it is what it is.

Who did Glenn St. Charles, or Fred Bear, or Howard Hill look up to? And who did those people before them look up to?

Their contributions to the sport were many, and we truly stand of the shoulders of giants. But I think the quote in my signature sums it up for me.

What concerns me far more is the lack of younger people at all in our sport.