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Troy Breeding
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BuckyT wrote: [quote=Troy Breeding]Still can’t get over the thoughts of eatting yote.:roll:

However, another great meal that comes from something that will eat anything is Gator.:shock:

If people saw what one of those critters will dine on they would never touch it. I’ve have my fair share of it and brother let me tell ya, it’s great!!!:D


Fried gator tail is simply divine!!!!

Fried frog legs are right there with gator tail!

Etter, Broadhead, and myself ate a long nose gar a couple of years ago and I have to say…..the back straps on a gar, grilled over some charcoal, basted with melted butter, is pretty darn close to lobster. I was skeptical of Etter’s insistence to eat that prehistoric beast, but I caved and tried it out. Not bad at all!!!! Cleaning one is an adventure too! 😆

And the fried squirrel I ate last night was delicious as well!!

Sorry….. I’m from the south and I like to fry critters!!:lol:

Only southerners know how to cook.:D