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Ben M.
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    Dude, do it! That’s another meat that I just don’t understand why people throw away. Pressure cook it for 1.5hours with the bones in & it comes out like canned salmon (with yummy nutritious crunchy little bones). Or, if you’ve got a lot of it, can it (which also requires pressure cooking). Can it in pints and use it like you would canned salmon. Make patties out of it with egg, crumbled crackers, rosemary, salt & pepper, garlic powder, and minced onions & black olives. Pan fry in olive oil.

    I’m blown away every time I hear people talking about carp as “coon bait”. This is really good food!

    There’s another one that I just can’t believe people throw out: Wild turkey legs & thighs. Pressure cooked, it’s so tender they’ll fight over it.