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David Petersen
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Cody — in addition to the aluminum adaptors themselves being a weak point, they introduce a long “lever arm” that magnifies the “weight” of the broadhead as it translates to the point where adaptor meets wood, greatly magnifying the impact pressure on angled hits. As with so much in discussions of gear, given a “perfect shit” — which includes an absolutely straight-on hit into soft flesh and no bones, we can say “Hey, they worked great for me!” But life — and in the case of bowhunting, death — ain’t perfect and that’s what we have to prep for as best we can. As one searching for high FoC woodies and the other benefits of screw-in points, I too was as disappointed as you, but as usual for me learned the hard way. The next experiment I wish some innovative manufacturer would make available to play with would be a combo WoodyWeight and screw-in adaptor. It could be kept really short and, made of steel, still add good front-end weight as a glue-on screw-in adaptor, while keeping the lever-arm effect minimal. We gotta keep trying! 🙄 dave