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Ed Ashby
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Bryan, the A&A pattern is so simple that I cut mine from full length feathers using just a pair of quality scissors and a plastic template I use for a guide. It’s just two straight cuts.

A&A stands for Adcock and Ashby. After much research, trial and error, O.L. developed the concept for the high FOC flight arrows he was shooting (and using to set more than two dozen world flight records, in an unbroken string of consecutive tries). I got to wondering how an over-size version would work on the EFOC/UEFOC hunting arrows, so up-sized the concept, played around with the turbulator placement (finally coming up with the exact same placement as O.L. had determined for his flight arrows) and this is how the A&A pattern was developed.

Here’s the link to the thread with the A%A fletching segment

video from Kalamazoo.