Fred Bear Recurve Elk Hunting

These old video are so much fun to watch. In this one, Fred Bear and a few friends are hunting elk in Wyoming.

Fred Bear Recurve Elk Hunting2019-07-03T09:05:34-06:00

Anatomy of a Traditional Archery Shot

In this video from Kifarucast, Aron Snyder is joined by Tom Clum of Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear, to talk about the shot sequence and things that can make you a better archery shooter. For a more in depth explanation and coaching from Tom, watch an excerpt from his video Solid Archery [...]

Anatomy of a Traditional Archery Shot2019-07-03T09:05:39-06:00

Historic Footage of Art Young Hunting a Grizzly Bear

Throwback Thursday takes us way back to one of the pioneers of bowhunting in the United States. Amazing footage from Art Young's 1926 grizzly bear hunt fueled the fire for many others who desired adventure and challenge in bowhunting with a simple traditional bow. See Next: 3 Yards Away from [...]

Historic Footage of Art Young Hunting a Grizzly Bear2019-07-03T09:05:57-06:00

Alaska Black Bear With a Traditional Bow

Check out this self shot video from a long time TBM subscriber as he stalks black bear in a remote area on Alaska's Prince of Wales Island! Even for the most seasoned and experienced hunter, this video will give you a surge of adrenaline. Experiences like this is what hunting with a [...]

Alaska Black Bear With a Traditional Bow2018-07-10T09:42:55-06:00

Chasing Solitude—Passions of a Solo Moose Hunter

Mike Mitten is due to release his latest video in May or June of 2018. This movie spans over three seasons, as he takes the viewer along on self-filmed solo hunts into three different mountain ranges of Alaska in search of moose. Here's a quick sample of this full-length movie. We'll [...]

Chasing Solitude—Passions of a Solo Moose Hunter2018-04-19T19:50:48-06:00

Fred Bear Polar Bear Hunt

Here is a video of Fred Bear's exciting polar bear hunt. Twenty-five days into his third hunt for this species, Fred gets it done.

Fred Bear Polar Bear Hunt2018-04-06T15:35:31-06:00

Masters of the Barebow 5

Last weekend, at the Traditional Bowhunter's Expo in Kalamazoo, I visited with some of the people who produced this video. This trailer explains what the video is all about. It is available through 3Rivers Archery and Black Widow Bows. Description: Masters of the Barebow 5 is about making you, the viewer, [...]

Masters of the Barebow 52018-04-06T15:42:37-06:00

How to Set Up a Traditional Bow

In this bow hunting tip, Damon Bungard shows you how to set up a Bear Takedown Bow. Setting up your new bow is always exciting, and it can also be relatively quick and easy. After unboxing, he shows you how quickly you can be in your own backyard tuning your new [...]

How to Set Up a Traditional Bow2018-04-06T16:12:05-06:00

Byron Ferguson Explains the Archer’s Paradox

See here how Byron Ferguson helps explain the Archer's Paradox on this Smarter Every Day video. This video helps explain in detail why spine weight is so important as well as point out a few fun facts you may (or may not) already know.

Byron Ferguson Explains the Archer’s Paradox2018-04-06T16:13:22-06:00

What Is Your Camo Philosophy?

Follow along as Damon Bungard of Orion Coolers goes through his top three camo philosophies in this Orion Chronicles episode. Share with us what your top three choices are and why. There are many traditional, and non-traditional forms of camo out there.  

What Is Your Camo Philosophy?2018-04-06T16:14:10-06:00
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