The Bowhiking Chronicles #091518: The Errant Bow

You’ll often hear me mention that I usually hunt alone, and when I decide to bring someone along it often spells trouble. In my adult life, the only consistent hunting partner that I’ve ever had, is my best friend since almost birth. But life has a way of shifting things around and it [...]

The Bowhiking Chronicles #091518: The Errant Bow2020-06-29T12:01:51-06:00

The Bowhiking Chronicles #051519: Bear Shafted

Raise your hand if you consider yourself a diehard, through-and-through traditional bowhunter. Also raise your hand, if you’ve found that any time you try to deviate from the creed…things have a way of going south. Well, I’ve come to find that in the thick and steep country where I live and hunt, walking [...]

The Bowhiking Chronicles #051519: Bear Shafted2020-06-17T08:08:17-06:00

The Bowhiking Chronicles #110116: Drowning Jack

I usually hunt alone, so I often do things along the way that I barely give a second thought to. This often means that something that may constitute as a "good time" for me may not even register on another's fun meter. In fact, bringing someone new along with me, often is a good [...]

The Bowhiking Chronicles #110116: Drowning Jack2020-05-24T16:17:20-06:00