About Seth Harpster

Seth Harpster lives in Central PA with his wife and three kids, and is just re-learning the ropes with a stick and string.

Stalking Caddyshack

As I rounded the corner of the tractor path, we saw a small rise on the edge of the corn field. I wanted to charge ahead to look over, throwing everything I knew about stalking game out the window out of shear excitement. Alan put his hand on my shoulder and reminded me [...]

Stalking Caddyshack2021-07-16T14:44:53-06:00

Back to My Roots

Hunting is all about firsts. The first morning, the first bow, the first shot. Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, in a bowl of mountains, meant we were destined to be outdoors. My dad hunted and provided for his five kids with venison on the table as a main staple. He shot recurves and [...]

Back to My Roots2020-07-20T16:11:05-06:00

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