About Rory Wiske

Rory lives in Wichita, Kansas and has been a traditional bowhunter since 2012. He’s a member of the Ninnescah Bowhunters Club of Clearwater, Kansas.

Thursday’s Grace

During the prior weekend, I was set up on another oak point 250 yards northwest of where I was Thursday. I run a mobile stand so I don't have to sit in the same tree more than once. I hate it when the deer know I've been somewhere. Well, on the past Saturday [...]

Thursday’s Grace2021-03-22T15:33:50-06:00

The End of the Drought

After a short four hours of sleep, I walked in under the grey light of a Friday morning. Halfway around the hill I froze, as I could hear antlers clicking together as a couple of young bucks sized each other up. I wanted to see them, so I slowly continued around the waist [...]

The End of the Drought2021-01-31T14:11:04-07:00

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