About Marie Sturgis

Marie Sturgis is a nurse and mother of four children. She lives with her husband, Denny, in rural Michigan.

When the Cat’s Away

I simply needed some quiet time—what I like to call “me-time.” Time to chill out, reflect, think, and just relax. Everything seemed perfect that day. It was hot, sunny, and beautiful—my personal favorite time to hunt whitetails. Dressed in a camo T-shirt, sweatpants, and tennis shoes, I happily headed out the back door. [...]

When the Cat’s Away2021-08-04T18:51:06-06:00

Queen of the Roost

It had started all wrong, as if to remind me of my past turkey troubles. My first and middle names should be procrastination and stubborn, respectively. My husband Denny had tried to get me to apply for a spring turkey license earlier, but of course I never did. I regretted that as I stood [...]

Queen of the Roost2018-04-06T16:29:17-06:00

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