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About Jeff Stonehouse

The author is a freelance writer living with his two children, Victor and Adele, in Simla, CO. His books, Stickbow Trails and Traditional Archery Adventures in The Modern World, are available on Amazon. Born and raised in Wisconsin and a graduate of UWM, he relocated to Colorado in 1996. There he pursues a variety of game with both recurve and longbow.

A Crazy Stalker

“Are you nuts?” my buddy, Dave, asked. It was not a rhetorical question. I got the impression that he was legitimately concerned about my mental health. He did not smile and was obviously waiting for an answer. I had just informed him that I was planning to stalk turkeys with my recurve. No [...]

A Crazy Stalker2020-03-16T06:47:13-06:00

Their Time—Take Kids Bowhunting

Getting kids involved in archery (particularly in bowhunting) is one of my life’s primary goals. As a single dad, I influence and mold my children in countless ways. Since they have no other parental role model, I really have to watch my Ps and Qs. There is no buffer. In front of my [...]

Their Time—Take Kids Bowhunting2019-07-03T09:05:46-06:00