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About Jack Connelly

Jack Connelly is a retired wildlife biologist but still a very active bowhunter. He lives in Blackfoot, Idaho with his wife, Cheryl, and a pack of bird dogs. Jack spends much of his spare time exploring western mountains and streams with his grandson, Jake.

Bowfishing With the Kid

I heard the moist-sounding “thunk” and knew what would come next. Yep, there it was, the frustrated exclamation, “Poppa, I missed again!” I was trying to teach my grandson, Jake, how to shoot carp with a bow. He was a pretty good shot with his Bear Super Mag, but the carp were getting [...]

Bowfishing With the Kid2020-05-29T12:02:30-06:00

It’s a Family Affair

My grandson, Jake, had a football game, so he, my wife, and I arrived at elk camp later than expected. The plan had been to meet my daughter and the rest of her family at camp early enough so that Jake and I could sneak in an evening hunt, but it was well [...]

It’s a Family Affair2019-08-16T17:10:57-06:00

Morning, Noon and Night: An Adventure with Stickbows

The morning started out much like the first few of our eight day elk hunt high in Idaho's back country. My partner Dave Stanley and I got up well before dawn, had breakfast, and then made plans for the day. We decided to hunt a long ridge about a mile west of camp [...]

Morning, Noon and Night: An Adventure with Stickbows2018-08-20T15:47:50-06:00

The Ancient Hunter

The second day of the archery season brought clouds and a threat of rain. As I eased up the trail along a high mountain lake a shower caused me to seek shelter under an immense fir. Waiting out the rain, I began to have some real doubts about this season. Yesterday morning a [...]

The Ancient Hunter2018-04-06T16:33:29-06:00

Bowhunter Education Pays Off

Shortly after he married my daughter, I found my new son-in-law, Clint, paying a great deal of attention to my longbows and recurves. His behavior suggested that he might be above average as sons-in-law go. Clint showed no interest in compound equipment, but he seemed intrigued by the idea of hunting with traditional [...]

Bowhunter Education Pays Off2018-04-06T16:40:26-06:00

From Beijing to Broadheads

Should I or shouldn't I? The question kept tumbling through my head. For the last five months I had been hosting a colleague and fellow biologist from Beijing, Dr. Jiliang Xu and it was now almost time for his return to China. Jiliang is a game bird biologist and teaches wildlife management courses [...]

From Beijing to Broadheads2018-04-06T17:00:00-06:00

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