About Greg Ragan

Greg Ragan is a Howard Hill fanatic with a interest in the history of our rich sport, as well as continued fascination with the natural world. Greg holds a Master's degree in Environmental Biology and is employed as a safety professional for a large research laboratory. Having grown up in a hunting family, he often shares some interesting hunts with his older brother Chris. Greg lives in Maryland with his wife and young son.

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

The sun broke the horizon on this particular crisp early November day, and I sat there peacefully watching the yellow and red leaves periodically fluttering to the ground under the influences of a steady low breeze. Then, I heard crunching behind my tree and I slowly turned my head over my right shoulder [...]

The Waiting is the Hardest Part2019-12-09T10:22:31-07:00

The Big Five—The Elephant in the Room

There has been a controversy in bowhunting history circles since 1989 when Bill Negley published Archer in Africa. Two questions were central to Negley’s claims in the book, and there was a chapter dedicated to each: Would it Really be the First? What about Howard Hill? and What about Bob Swinehart? respectively. Who was [...]

The Big Five—The Elephant in the Room2019-07-03T09:06:00-06:00

Hunting Chicken

Sliding through an opening in the underbrush with his delicate longbow and well-worn back quiver, the hunter eased into a clearing as he scanned his new surroundings with silent, determined intent. The dense, humid air caused a trickle of sweat to roll down from his sideburns as the buzz of mosquitoes and gnats [...]

Hunting Chicken2018-10-05T08:16:07-06:00

The Hunt Process—Packaging Meat

How many of you butcher and process your own deer/game instead of taking it to a meat processor? I grew up on a farm in the Eastern US and one of my first memories of deer hunting was when my dad allowed me to help with butchering a deer my brother had killed. [...]

The Hunt Process—Packaging Meat2018-06-27T11:00:48-06:00

Hunting Stingrays; Learning From a Pioneer

The small skiff motored ahead through an increasingly stiffening headwind as the archers strained to see through the choppy surface and murky depths. Suddenly, one of the bowmen shouted “RAY” and pointed starboard with his arrow. Almost drawing simultaneously as the skiff turned sharply toward the ray, two arrows cut the water just as [...]

Hunting Stingrays; Learning From a Pioneer2018-05-21T09:33:13-06:00

Heart Saver

The archer’s stiff muscles are beginning to shiver a bit as his warm breath circles slowly in the frosty still November air. The warming sunlight is just beginning to filter through to the forest floor, and soften the hard-frosted leaves of the previous night. While beginning to daydream about hot coffee and fresh [...]

Heart Saver2018-04-06T17:12:47-06:00

Hunting With a Back Quiver

Many archers like to use a back quiver for roving or the 3-D range, but dislike them for hunting. Their reasons are numerous: My arrows rattle around and make noise. My heads get dull from banging together. When I bend over, my arrows fall out. Withdrawing an arrow flags game. My exposed arrows [...]

Hunting With a Back Quiver2019-04-03T12:05:48-06:00