About Donald Marchaesi

Donald Marchaesi is a newly retired truck driver for a metropolitan city in Upstate New York. He has been shooting traditional archery for over 52 years. He teaches New York State Hunter Education and Bow Hunter classes for the Department of Environmental Conservation as an Instructor.

Reinventing the Wheel, or Archery Tools

I didn’t really start out trying to invent a new quiver. It basically happened by watching two of my archer friends practicing with their bows. They were very new to the sport and I take credit for getting them involved in archery. Both of them were actually pretty good at hitting their intended [...]

Reinventing the Wheel, or Archery Tools2021-03-08T13:31:38-07:00

“Making Do” (with them Ol’ Pandemic Blues)

What to do when forced to stay home. When Michael Rennie and his alien spacecraft fell out of the sky in The Day The Earth Stood Still, it was duly noted that it caused severe pandemonium and fright to the earth’s inhabitants. And how about when Kenny Rodgers sang “I just dropped in [...]

“Making Do” (with them Ol’ Pandemic Blues)2020-08-04T16:00:11-06:00

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