About Demetri Voelker

Demetri lives in Sonoma County, California with his family on a sheep ranch, where he is homeschooled by his family and friends. Demetri got his first bow when he was five, equipped with a suction cup arrow. He is a hide tanner, crafter, bow maker, archer, hunter, and fisherman. His mother, Natasha, describes him as the most determined person she has ever known.

Golden State Hog

As deer season faded away and winter settled in, I started to get excited about wild pigs. I live in an area with a large population of feral pigs, but there is little public land that offers a good chance of hunting success. So, it is best to know someone with a hog [...]

Golden State Hog2020-08-03T10:10:31-06:00

Blacktails In The Fog

After two years of practicing with my bow as much as possible—enough to have worn out four hay bales and a few dozen arrows—I felt ready to try hunting deer with it at age thirteen. Even though some people questioned whether I was ready, I bought a deer tag and started calling around. [...]

Blacktails In The Fog2018-04-06T18:51:07-06:00

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