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Kodiak Penance

In the months ahead of the cold November morning that found me and two close friends, Scott and Nick White, camped under a fresh blanket of snow along the shore of a small interior lake on Kodiak Island, I considered many aspects of our planned trip, including thoughts about the unpredictable weather, big [...]

Kodiak Penance2021-07-02T22:33:16-06:00

Learning In Failure

Let me start by saying that I do not qualify as an expert in the field of psychology, nor do I claim to have to have the stoicism of Jerimiah Johnson, Jim Bridger, or Hugh Glass. I am writing from my experiences in an effort to pass along where I have succumbed to the [...]

Learning In Failure2020-09-06T13:49:52-06:00

Coming Home

We all enter the woods for a myriad of reasons. Necessity for sustenance, the thrill of an adventure, camaraderie with friends and family, or merely the solace of complete and utter lonesomeness. For some it is a combination of these, or possibly the drive is inexplicable, only existing through generations and generations of [...]

Coming Home2020-11-23T14:06:34-07:00

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