About Chris Walker

Chris enjoys time in the woods with camera, bow, or flintlock.

Heart of a Hound

If you have opened to this article and begun to read, you likely have a strong connection to traditional bowhunting and with it the history of our ancestors who carried these primitive weapons to pursue game not as a pastime but as a means of survival. While I like to believe that I [...]

Heart of a Hound2021-04-05T19:20:15-06:00

Dad’s Deer

“Hi Chris, I think I hit a doe tonight. Give me a call when you get a chance.” That was the message on my phone. My dad, who had finally retired from a job of 46 years the previous spring, was enjoying the well-deserved reprieve bowhunting with his favorite longbow. At the close [...]

Dad’s Deer2021-04-22T12:17:54-06:00

Scent Control on a Budget

“He would eat no fish the day before the hunt, and smoke no tobacco, for these odors are detected a great way off. He rose early, bathed in the creek, rubbed himself with the aromatic leaves of yerba buena, washed out his mouth, drank water, but ate no food.” — Saxton Pope’s account [...]

Scent Control on a Budget2020-01-21T10:52:06-07:00

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