About Bill Carman

Bill Carman has been chasing critters with his bow for over fifty years. He lives with his wife in Versailles, Kentucky, where he is teaching his grandchildren to bowhunt.

Field Dressing—Now What?

A couple of years ago, I shot a whitetail doe right at dusk. The shot looked pretty good in the fading light, and the deer bounded down the side of the mountain through the timber. I could hear the deer’s frantic escape in the dry leaves, and it sounded like she made it [...]

Field Dressing—Now What?2020-07-20T08:12:11-06:00

Listening to Improve Hunting

Listening, really listening, is an art form that takes practice. Some of the sounds we hear in the woods are nothing more than distracting noise that we sometimes try to ignore, some of the sounds are native to the environment and are enjoyable, even entertaining, and some are so subtle that we have [...]

Listening to Improve Hunting2019-07-03T09:05:54-06:00

Dancing With The Wind

I have been dancing with the wind most of my life. My mother told me that when I was a kid, I loved to chase bubbles floating on the breeze and run with a kite weaving back and forth as I giggled. I ran high school and college track, and had a love-hate [...]

Dancing With The Wind2018-04-06T16:32:50-06:00

Footwear—Where the Rubber Meets the Trail

I am not a gadget guy or an equipment junkie. I usually settle on a good solid tool for the job and stick with it until it wears out. For instance, I’ve been shooting the same bow for eleven years. I have others, but they are sitting on a bow rack gathering dust. [...]

Footwear—Where the Rubber Meets the Trail2018-04-06T18:35:15-06:00
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