About A. Preston Taylor

Preston lives in northern coastal California, where he is a board member of the Humboldt Archers Club. When he isn’t carrying his bow, he and his wife spend their time on the water clamming and fishing.

Identifying the Sex of an Elk from its Tracks

There are lots of hypotheses on how to determine the sex of a deer or elk from its footprints. The following technique was shown to me by my tracking mentors, and I have tested it on hundreds of deer, elk, hog, and a few bighorn sheep trails. When I encountered the trail of [...]

Identifying the Sex of an Elk from its Tracks2020-05-11T11:02:21-06:00

Walkabout for Wapiti

I was sitting on a saddle over four miles into a small wilderness area in eastern Oregon, watching the sun descend in the sky. A brisk wind blew steadily in my face giving the thin air at 7,000 feet a little sting to my cheeks. Every half hour I let out a couple of [...]

Walkabout for Wapiti2019-07-03T09:05:38-06:00

There’s No Place Like Home

It can be easy to read stories and watch shows of other hunters and become consumed with the “it’s always greener on the other side” frame of mind. But I’ll bet you have hidden treasures in your backyard. It could be endless acres of squirrel, rabbit, and woodchuck habitat. Maybe you live near [...]

There’s No Place Like Home2018-04-16T11:13:49-06:00