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Pan Roasted Venison Loin with Cranberry and Port Sauce

Honestly, I am not all that grateful for the Butterball turkey that I eat a small slice of each year. Nor the green beans, nor the stuffing. Those are from the store; I did nothing but buy them off the shelf. While I am happy to have them, and glad for the ability to buy them, I am not grateful for them as they are. They came too easily. But I am thankful for a freezer full of [...]

Goose Leg Confit

Standing in six inches of snow, I watched a man stand on the wings of a Canada goose, then grab it by the feet and pull. After some ripping and swearing, he had removed the breasts from the legs and then tossed the legs into the trash. I was appalled; it was just plain wasteful. We shook hands after the hunt and the man walked into his house. I dug the legs out of his trash, tossed them [...]

Summer Turkey Salads

Summer is often the “salad” season for folks. I know my garden is light and green at that time. I'll often find myself foraging greens, picking berries and getting a sunburn. Red meat, most of my freezer, does not call as loudly to me. So I start looking around for the extra grouse or the cottontail in the freezer. But the king of a good summer menu is wild turkey. Below is a trio of easy salads that [...]

Pan Roasted Wild Turkey with Caramelized Oranges

It is not a big patch of ground, but it is my patch…kind of. You see, I am willing to walk longer, crawl farther and basically put up with a bunch of access BS to get to the land. My tenacity gets me something special: un-hunted turkeys. An awesome find that only two others know about, and I'll keep it that way. It's these birds I return to each spring -- two per year, no more. They fill [...]

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