About Robb Sager

The author and his bowhunting family make their home in Red Lodge, Montana.

Date Night

As a married man with children I sometimes feel the need to spend some quality time with my wife but without the kids. We sometimes go to a nice restaurant or on a walk around town. When hunting season arrives we make arrangements for a baby-sitter and head out hunting together. My friends [...]

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A Little Girl, A Coyote and Two Antelope

I fumbled with my binoculars to look at the buck as he ran. I could see that he was hit hard. He ran over the dam for 80 yards, stopped, and lay down. At this point I turned my attention to the doe. I had seen her run over the dam as well, [...]

A Little Girl, A Coyote and Two Antelope 2017-08-04T12:03:16+00:00

Fumble Fingers – A Treestand Feature

Most everyone has had a case of the Fumble Fingers from time to time. Here are a few funny and frustrating fumbles by Robb Sager The Startling "Bear" I lowered the predator call from my lips while scanning the dense timber. A cool evening breeze rippled the leaves causing a sea of motion [...]

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