Jack Connelly

About Jack Connelly

Jack Connelly lives in Blackfoot, Idaho with his wife Cheryl and their three bird dogs. He currently serves as an Idaho Bowhunter Education Instructor and President of Blackfoot River Bowmen.

Bowhunter Education Pays Off

Shortly after he married my daughter, I found my new son-in-law, Clint, paying a great deal of attention to my longbows and recurves. His behavior suggested that he might be above average as sons-in-law go. Clint showed no interest in compound equipment, but he seemed intrigued by the idea of hunting with traditional [...]

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Morning, Noon and Night: An Adventure with Stickbows

The morning started out much like the first few of our eight day elk hunt high in Idaho's back country. My partner Dave Stanley and I got up well before dawn, had breakfast, and then made plans for the day. We decided to hunt a long ridge about a mile west of camp [...]

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From Beijing to Broadheads

Should I or shouldn't I? The question kept tumbling through my head. For the last five months I had been hosting a colleague and fellow biologist from Beijing, Dr. Jiliang Xu and it was now almost time for his return to China. Jiliang is a game bird biologist and teaches wildlife management courses [...]

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