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Co-editor Don Thomas and his wife Lori divide their time between homes in rural Montana and Arizona. He has been writing for the magazine since 1990. His books can be found at www.donthomasbooks.com

Thanksgiving Turkey

They're different birds in the fall. I'd heard a single elk bugle somewhere up the mountain at first light. With no sign of the main herd I'd been dogging the last two days I decided to make the climb even though I wasn't optimistic about locating the bull. When I popped over the [...]

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Big Small Game

April in Montana is a season of renewal, defined by vanishing snow banks, blooming pasque flowers, and the cries of northbound geese overhead. This has always been a favorite time of year for me, and anyone else who has spent five straight months battling blizzards and wrestling with tire chains will understand why. [...]

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Cold Weather Hunting Clothes

Between November whitetails and late season mallards along Montana spring creeks, I spend a lot of time giving cold weather clothing its sternest test: holding still in sub-zero temperatures. Here are some points my experience has taught me. A friend recently returned early to our kitchen after "freezing out" in a stand near [...]

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Shooting High

Since it's whitetail season and a lot of us are hunting from trees, do you ever wonder why it's so easy to shoot too high from a treestand? Sure, bucks do jump the string sometimes, and their first movement is downward, but 3-D targets don't move and most of us tend to shoot [...]

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Across The River

There aren’t many bridges in the backcountry. Travel around much there and you’ll eventually have to cross some flowing water to get where you want to go, a process that can range from mildly inconvenient to outright dangerous. Experience eventually teaches that some ways are better than others. In smaller streams, the only [...]

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