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    • Holten101
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      This bow was made as a follow up on a discussion on another forum about what to choose if you were allowed to make and use just one bow. This is my contribution (forgive me for posting it in here too…but this “bowyers bench” need more bows;-).

      Its a simple Møllegabet design with relative short/medium levers, its from a wych Elm sapling (by far my preferred choice of local wood), its approx 64″ and 50-55# @29″, heat treated, but no induced reflex, nocks with horn overlays.

      Its a bow I belive I can make under most conditions using simple tools, with a variaty of wood species…..and being from denmark its “in line” with my heritage;-). I have keept it simple to keep it in line with the intentions of project (no handle, no arrow shelf, no correcting small quirks, fast tillering)….I will likely add an arrow shelf and handle later.

      Damn…gotta find decent clothes for my next featured bow;-)


    • Stephen Graf
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      You are getting better! That is a great looking bow.

      What’s the difference between this bow and a holmgaard design?

    • Holten101
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      The difference between a Holmegård and a Møllegabet is a much discussed subject. Both artefacts are from denmark; the Holmegård bow (6500-7000 B.C) is a complete bow and the Møllegabet bow (5250-5070 B.C) consists of a mid/outer limb section.

      The holmegård is (in my oppinion) a pretty straight forward pyramid bow:

      The shoulder (ONLY one limb has what might be inferrede to be a shoulder) is so insignificant that I would hesitate to call it a defining design characteristic…it did not have true, stiff levers. The shoulder on one limb could have been made for a number of reasons. I have no doubt that this was a pyramid bow…maybe tillered to have slightly stiff outer limbs (reconstructions indicates this)

      The Møllegabet is a true lever tipped bow:

      Admitted…it could have been asymetrical, but there is little doubt that the preserved outer limb was none-workning.

      Normally the name “Holmgård” is used about lever tipped bows…I belive that is incorrect;-)


    • wTk
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      That’s one of the most efficient one’s I’ve seen. Nice work.:D

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