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I was hunting mulies up in the Canadian River breaks a couple of years ago. In out of canyons and draws, up on on top, back down when I got a muley doe and her two yearlin’s up.

They stood and gave me the stare for awhile til I decided I had things to do so I said “Boo”.

They hightailed it then, up to the rim they went, the doe and one young’n one way the other young’n another.

Up at the top of the canyons in this country there’s a rimrock any where from a couple of feet high to ten feet or more high.

Momma and her kiddo got up top and she being wiser hit the top where the rim was about three feet and she and young’n cleared with no problem.

Now jr., I figure a jr. knowing how we guys can be about things, not being as experienced as momma and with I’m thinking the male bravado, didn’t think it out quite as well.

The rim was maybe six-eight foot high where the flying leap was attempted. Not!!!!!!!

That deer hit the rim about a foot short, did a back flip and rolled ass over tea kettle all the way back to the bottom,, probably 200 feet, and stopped about ten feet from me.

Me, I was having a hard time feeling sorry for the little critter cause I was laughing my tail off.

The feller ? lay there a bit, got up, shook itself off, looked at me and I swear it grinned, said “s**t, what a ride” and just walked away.

I did take buck by fawn bleating and drawing a muley doe in and a buck came charging in hell bent for leather but that’s another story. Humor in that one too.