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Kent Hansen
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Smithhammer wrote: Ok TBM compadres, co-conspirators and all-around denizens –

I’ve got a 9 Zwickey Deltas I’m giving away. 3 are untouched and still in the package, and the other 6 have been sharpened and shot at foam in the past, but are still in excellent condition. I’m sending them all to one lucky person, and here’s all you have to do:

Tell the funniest experience you’ve ever had shooting a trad bow – could be hunting, stumping, competition, anything.

Entries will be assigned a number, run through a random generator, reviewed by my editor and Better Half, and then subjectively chosen according to the one that made me spew my beverage all over the laptop, Winner will be announced on Aug. 15th…

Well, I would like to congratulate R2 and I’d like to thank you, sir, for the bit of fresh air brought to the forum. I’d also like to share a story about a wise acre friend of mine who set about to teaching his younger cousin to deer hunt. Seems my friend, “John,” had tucked some chocolate chips in his pack for energy during the hunt and, with his young cousin in tow, set out for the deep woods of northern WI. As they made their way along, John pointed to some deer skat and told his cousin to see how fresh it was. His cousin, almost too willing a student, asked him how to tell. So John bent down with some of the chips in his hand came up and said,”Taste ’em!” as he put a handful of the chocolate chips in his mouth, chewed and savored them so purposefully, and announced the skat was “too old to worry about tracking this one.”

Of course, the newby hunter was incredulous, but again asked the obvious question, “How do you know?” John was more than willing to aid in the lad’s deer skat education. He said, “You’ve got to get a good sample and taste ’em real good. If they taste like alfalfa, they’re real fresh.”

Seems the story told at camp that night was that the youngster had gobbled a good two pounds of the real stuff before they found any that was fresh enough to ” mess with worrying about.”

To this day, that youngster’s moniker for the week of deer camp is “Pooper Scooper.”

Good hunt in’ all!