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John Dilts
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Last summer after N.A.L.S. in the Calgary a nice fellow I met at the shoot took me on a gopher shoot it was my first time in that part of Canada. Had a great day testing my less then great skills. Just before the end of the day we seen a pair of badges outside there hole. I was going to leave it alone because I never thought i would guess close enough in such a big open field but gave it a try. The other guys stayed down wind talked loud it kept there eyes on them. I got to about 50 yards when it turned and looked right at me I drew long and slow released it looked so good the badger reacted one of the guys yelled HE GOT IT the badger looked like it was having a hard time going back down his hole. well he would with an arrow in him. Then he was gone. The badger so about 2/3 out of his hole when i released i ran over to find my arrow stuck on the inside of the hole he had to push it out of the way to go back down the hole. I must have shaved his belly. This one still bugs me more then my big game misses.