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First deer was a big doe. I shot her with a compound(I’ve only killed one with a gun). She was quartering away but when I shot she jumped string(Pearson Spoiler bow sounded like a .22 when it went off). I thought I’d missed again but couldn’t find my arrow when I stumbled across a stick smeared with blood. I was in shock. Went to get help and toilet paper cause I always heard you need TP to help mark the blood trail. We get back and tie toilet paper to a tree next to the blood smeared stick. Thats right, we tied the TP to the tree and took off unrolling as we went:D. The blood trail was good enough I could have followed it blindfolded, nevertheless, we kept unrolling TP. Upon finding the deer the woods looked like someone had TPed them for Halloween. My buddy asked me where I hit her and since I wasn’t sure we proceeded to look all over that deer but could not find a wound anywhere, then I lifted her tail…..I could not have centered that arrow in her butth..e any more perfectly if I had walked up to her and done it by hand! Nuthin but the nock sticking out!:lol::D LOL!!! The infamous Texas heart shot. I don’t recomend trying this shot on purpose but the deer only went about 150 yards and died on the run. A double lung shot the hard way.

Oh yeah, took 2 years for the first and 2 years for the longbow. It gets easier once you start figuring things out. After that first one I started killing them pretty consistently with a compound, but this longbow is a whole nuther’ critter.