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Yep on backfiring sometimes. A good friend of mine spent the night in his tree stand due to a prowling bear and his believe that if he ever set foot on the ground that night he would be bear fodder. The next day he declared he did not give a flip (nice way of putting it) about bear hunting, would never do it again and to this day he hasn’t done so. He don’t like bears in the same woods he’s in.

Was funny at the CBA shoot when it was at the south end of Camp Hale. We were way up the mountain on the Iron Man course and we found a little aspen pocket where someone had built a little wooden bivouac. This person had left his beer cans and beanie weenie cans laying about and a bear had demolished them. Just so happened I had a predator call in my bag. Well, the fun began. I thought the guy was roll me down the mountain he was so afraid I’d call a bear in. Not likely being there were several hundred people about but that made no difference to him.

A little cottontail with my little wooden bow that I bought at the five and dime was my first trad kill. At the time it was a world record!!!:D