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    wensel woodsmans love them one of the easiest to sharpen about 20 minutes per head.wear gloves hold the head by one blade with two blades on the top use a fine hard diamond or ceramic hone strok it slowly but steadily keeping the hone flat on both blades rotate ever few strokes never do more than 15 strokes on one set of blades with out rotating,i to had trouble with sharpening them,but then got on the website and find whate they say to be true the biggest most common mistake is trying to hard.ps if you can sharpen a single bevel you can sharpen these,mine will shave better than your rasors.field report 60 pound hog bad hit in spine i thaught but i discovered when he didnt move that his spine was more than half severed.the next day after resharpening the same head i shot cleanly through a 170 pouner .