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R2 wrote: We’d still be using a bent branch strung with old Ug’s thong if it wasn’t for new ideas. I like it. I figure if people were primitive enough to be griping about primitive they wouldn’t be reading this. Be looking for smoke signals listening for drums beats on a log.

I think it’s a cool looking bow and cool idea.

Yea, when I showed it to Ug he said I could have his new string thong for it…:D:D:D

I think had I built it with the limbs butting together on the back of the riser, then reduced the length of the riser while keeping a straight back vs a deflexed back and used mortus and tinnen to hold the limbs to the riser it wouldn’t have caused such a stur. Maybe even shooting off the knuckle instead of cutting in a shelf and making it as plain as possible (no accents to the riser) it might have been excepted.

Still, then it wouldn’t look as good as it does.