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Ron Roettger
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I did not get a deer here in Wisconsin this past Season with my longbow or rifle for the first time since 1988. I never thought I was a “got to fill a tag hunter” but when I bought and took a new inline scoped muzzle loader into the woods this year instead of my old trusty traditional muzzle loader, to make it easier. I knew that was exactly what I was. A shame came over me, After that I went out a few times with the longbow, but never took it from the branch from which it hung.

Decided I wanted to go empty handed this year so there would be no 25 year streak to keep added on to this year. I have put the 24 year streak to rest and from here on out I will be thankful when I do put meat in the freezer, but I will not feel like I have to. As for the new muzzle loader it will sit until My eyes are to old to shoot the iron sights on the old gun.