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Troy Warner
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The only woodsman ship I see on tv is when I put in one of my DVDs or have the utube brought up on the Apple TV to watch professor clay teach us some collage courses.

Woodcraft is a dieing art that used to be passed down from father to son/daughter or uncle to nephew/niece. I my case I was lucky enough to learn from watching my father teach my older brothers and myself plus my best friend growing up also came from an outdoor oriented family and we would practice every thing we had been shown in our backyards(actual forests of north Idaho with the bears, black and grizly, mountain lions and yes a small pack of Canadian Wolves that migrated across the border illegally from time to time.) it was wonderfull. 😀

To bad I don’t see more of that these days. But with today’s tech world it was tough to get my son out and teach him what he was willing to absorb. It’s funny, but he is more interested in learning woodcraft today than he was when he was a kid.