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David Petersen
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Ah geeze, Buzzy — I wrote a way too long reply, recounting my experiences pro and con, then got “timed out” and the whole darn thing went to Mars. Just as well. I’ve asked Robin to see if that feature can be killed or at least muzzled somewhat. Meanwhile, I’ll cut right to the chase and suggest that you clean all metal parts –WWs and heads– really well with acetone before gluing, and try them for yourself. Best test is to shoot at a 45-degree angle into a tree or such. We’ll get different results bepending on such variable as bow weight and arrow speed, arrow weight and wood, diameter, etc., but I consistently had heads break off at double the usual rate on such angled impact shots, suggested they’d do the same on heavy bone. So I don’t hunt elk with them. You may have better results or less strenuous needs. They do get the FoC right up there, and if glued on properly they do fly well.