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WW Update: Well, i’ve put forth the effort of shooting both standard and Woodie Weight added, arrows. First, they shot to the left about 6in, at 20 yds, which didn’t make any sense to me. Could be some kind of whiplash effect coming off the rest. At least they were consistent. Second, Dave P. offered potential shaft breakage issues. So far, that has not been the case as I shoot lodgepole pine shafts that have proven to be very tough to break which is the reason I use them in the first place. I’m sure that Cedars would not enjoy the same success. Third, penetration in my Mckenzie is about another 1.5ins. which really doesn’t prove anything. I would need to find one of Dr. Ed’s leftover carcasses to provide usable info. All in all, I’m happy enough with my currant set-up, 575gr total arrow weight, out of a 64lb longbow that I’ll not use the Weights after all, but would support there use if you feel you need them. Thanks to all. Buzzard