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Steve Sr.
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There is much here in the forum on tuning with heavy heads or any head, actually.

Tuning is tuning.

The guys and gals there have it down to more of a science than my “home brewed” method developed some 4 decades ago.

For me, with bows 46-50 lbs, spines of 65-70 work awfully well with Tuffheads and my 28 inch draw. With standard 130 grain or so heads those same arrows were shot out of a 62lb recurve. I hope that is useful and about all I can muster from this end of the web.

You might need to kick the above information up ANOTHER 5 lbs for your draw length with Tuffheads, but that is just a ball park answer. Wood has a personality all it’s own and I FEEL (not going to start that, lol) not all “behave” as supposed to sometimes.

I’ve sets of arrows in spines that “Shouldn’t Work” but do…..actually very, very well.

Your bow’s centershot will also be a factor and there is a thread here on that as well.

I’ll suggest reading all the info offered by others in the “tuning” threads. A light will come on to give you a direction in your efforts, yet it is not all that cut and dried, IMHO.

The proof is in the pudding…..Shooting them and adjusting from there.

God Bless
Steve Sr.