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David Petersen
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Scott — I should probly say this in a PM, so as not to raise the hackles of the predictable hackle-raisers. But geeze, what a bonus to have wolves in your hunting area! I’ve spent a fair amount of time–not claiming any expertise but simply that I’ve been there and done that, several times in several places–among wolves, and never once have seen or experienced anything to suggest they are a threat to humans. I mean. they are a TE species and we are 7.3 billion!

As hunters–particularly as we are portrayed and portray ourselves in the outdoor media–we see ourselves as fearless macho adventurers … yet too many of us grasp every chance to display our wholly unjustified fear of wild nature. Weather, other humans, accidents and “us” are the real threats out there. I say, thank your lucky stars that you’ve heard wild wolves and have an op to hunt again where you may hear them again. Those who think otherwise should stay within the safety of their cornfield tree stands and quit attempting to parley their personal paranoias into “reality.” That’s the mentality of NRA and …

“I haven’t said enough; I’ve already said too much.”