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Col Mike
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Steve Graf wrote: [quote=dwcphoto]…Steve, what am I missing?? I’ve seen guys say this is a buck and this is a doe, but could never see the difference. Actually, I think there’s a joke in there I’m missing, too…


Joke it was… Just observing that when a doe pees, it sprays. When a buck pees, it drills down straight to the ground 🙄

Intermittent connections but on tonight to catch up and couldn’t let this one pass without some comment.

Actually sex differences in tracks is usually established by a few methods–straddle width, impression depth of front tracks when antlers are on, and what I call gisas, general impression, size, and shape–kinda of the same thing you use to ID birds in flight or bad guy airplanes or tanks.

Straddle width involves using a tracking stick to measure and after years of observation determining in your area what it is for does and bucks–does will be wider due to the pelvic girdle. As some of you will understand this type of knowledge requires observing the animal first then moving in for measurements. I’m sure Clay can add some more details but Dave it ain’t a joke–not only can you assign sex to a track an experienced tracker can tell you what the deer was thinking and when and where it turned it’s head and when it knew you where looking at it.

Fun stuff and best idea you can think of to spend more time out there.

Traveling and tired