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David Petersen
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Clay — Bravo! A well-shot, funny, and true bunny-hunting video. How I wish our rabbits here would hold still like that! You are very talented with the filming and editing, insert close-ups and all, and I hope you keep at it. We need more video producers who show the true spirit of real hunting, to help stem the tide of commercial flakes trying to sell us junk via dishonest “hunts.” I’m also excited to see the menu of all your other videos, and I plan to watch every one. Is there a website addy that will take us to that menu? If so I want to put it on my “favorites” list. You’re the genuine article. Thanks for starting a gloomy, snowy day here with some smiles. Dave

PS: A hidden bonus to hunting bunnies in snow is that it gives us an excuse to build lots more arrows, and I love building arrows. 😆