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Bruce Smithhammer
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fbahouth wrote: Some of the pre-packaged kits probably have too much stuff and may will tend to be bulky……….and expensive if you want more than one.

Some kits do have too much stuff – depending on your needs. Day hunting? Week-long trip? International? All will require different items, and space. But there are plenty of kits available that are light and simple. I’m not trying to sell anyone on kits – just saying that the ones available from AMK are well thought-out, and worth at least taking a cue from to come up with your own list. But do your own cost comparisons and you might be surprised.

This is my basic kit for day hunts in my area (along with a few things I’ve supplemented). It retails for $12.95, weighs 8oz. and comes in a water resistant pouch with enough room to add some more items in if you need. You’d hardly even know it’s in your pack. It covers the basics of minor-moderate wound mgmt.

I add a few other things like gloves, more gauze, more band-aids. A small syringe for wound irrigation is a good idea. Slings, splints, etc. can usually be improvised, but a small “Sam Splint” can be a good thing to have as well. It packs flat and also takes up no room in pack.