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Bruce Smithhammer
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Because at the end of the day, we don’t seem to be capable of escaping our tribal heritage. When the tribe gets too big, there seems to be a timeless urge to start a new one, even if it ends up being the same thing in the end.

On a more pragmatic level however, I think sometimes that small, local/regional orgs can be better suited to tackling local/regional issues than big, national-level orgs can. So there needs to be room for both. That’s a generality, but it does seem to be the case sometimes.

But I agree with your point, Steve – it does seem like there is a fair bit of redundancy and overlap (esp. at the national level), and many people I know are dues-paying members of many of the same multiple organizations. But it seems inevitable that someone gets dissatisfied with the way a certain group is doing things and wants to start something else. In the end, Pogo’s axiom rarely fails to come into play.