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Bruce Smithhammer
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I can’t seem to ever settle on this. I don’t really find any big advantages to a glove over a tab for my shooting, but there’s something classic and old-school about shooting with glove, to be honest, and when I’m shooting my “D” bows, it just feels somehow right.

But, I’m convinced I get a cleaner release with a cordovan tab. I also have yet to use a glove that doesn’t eventually develop a crease on the stalls, no matter what the material is, leading to some degree of ‘hang up’ on release. On some gloves it’s been so bad that even though the rest of the glove was still in great condition, I couldn’t shoot with it anymore, which seems like a waste. I haven’t had this happen with any tabs I’ve used.

I can also buy a couple good cordovan tabs for the price of one good shooting glove, and I can wear a tab with just about any glove when it gets colder, without having to cut the fingers off. And when I need to do things in the field that require finger dexterity, it’s easier to flip the tab around than take off the glove.

So lately, after using a glove all summer and enjoying it, I’m shooting with my favorite tab again – the Bateman Bubba. Like you, Patrick, I’m sure I’ll stick with it “forever!” 😉