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This may not be an answer that some agree with, but one of the reasons I hunt is because of PETA. I grew up fishing, and I never had anything against hunting, I just never did it. (To be honest, I was a vegetarian for quite a while. Still not against hunting, but against the ease with which animals are reduces to simple, pleasant-looking packages in the store. Packages that look like they meat was grown instead of being from an animal that was once alive.) Then, after many years of dealing with PETA propaganda and sheer nonsense, I decided to take up hunting. Sure, I have other reasons, like being out as a part of nature, getting off my duff and getting the blood flowing, etc, but I still credit PETA (and other eco-terrorist organizations like them) with getting me outdoors.

I still say that the safest place for a whitetail is near me while I’m hunting. Between the ADHD and lack of outdoors knowledge, it is no wonder I have yet to get a deer. Still, the day will come, and I will have PETA to thank. On my way to the farm I have permission to hunt, I usually see several dead deer. I often wonder how their death could have served some purpose (meat in the freezer) instead of rotting on the road-side. Why did that animal cross a busy roadway? Was it out of boredom or because it was looking for a source of food? Is the area over-populated? What is the cause? I think we all know where I am going with this, but this is the kind of stuff we need to continue to push to the non (not anti) hunters as they are the ones who will decide if hunting will continue or not.

Sorry to ramble.